Gotta love this guy

Posted: June 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Phillip DeFranco, genius.


I’m loving making movies and videos especially when they turn out like this. I didn’t work too hard at this but it has the effect I wanted.

I look forward to making many many more.  Time to buy a couple more hard drives.

If you need videos made for any of your events let me know if I am free I would love to help out.

sometimes seems easier said then done. but I think I got this one. Always a challenge to get what your dying to get out on paper in computer and out to those that are going listen accept or not accept your work.

I love it, I love the challenge.

Check what I’ll be peeping to.

Well I wasn’t sure that something like this was going to happen to me on a Sunday while sitting in a dark corner working on music while my friends call and tell me how beautiful out it is.  Thanks God there is a light at the end of the tunnel and it isn’t a train.

Thanks Joel (deadmau5) and Dave (of the Foo Fighters) for changing my life with music once again love this.

What to do what to do. I have a new web site being built and a BRAND NEW BRAND THAT IS BEING UNVEILED AT GLOBAL DANCE FESTIVAL 2011!!!!!

who is SUN SQUABI?

Wiked-Pedia SuN Sqawbeeˆ: Amazing music produced and performed by a group of individuals born in or around the Northern Part of Colorado, usually consists of 2 Caucasians and 1 Filipino.

Some of the music will have this kind of a live element to it.


Forgot how quickly I can fill up a Monday morning with stuff and more stuff.

We’re getting everything put together for the Pacific Transplant event on March 25th and now I am getting everything put together to launch the super save Sammy’s life site.  Oh yes the Save Sammy site something I’ve been working on very hard for the last 3 months is almost done. Oh snaps.

AS it so happens I’ve dipped into the world of Vlogging as well, here’s my favorite cat to watch to date.  He gets you Phille’d in reminds me of my friend Devon Padgett. haha very funny dude. Hope you enjoy.  I’ll be back with some updates on everything else in the meantime enjoy the Philip Defranco Show.

Until tomorrow have an upstanding day